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Welcome to your online resource for beginner and intermediate jazz piano scores. We take fake book tunes and turn them into beautiful arrangements with voicings, chord symbols, and notation. Each score is compatible with iRealPro and can be performed in a solo or ensemble setting. Every song has an improv section.

In addition to arrangements we also offer improv etudes to help you develop a vocabulary of tools for playing over jazz changes.


Check out our scores here and our etudes here.

Have you ever picked up a fake book and felt overwhelmed or confused?

There are so many decisions that go into translating a lead sheet into an expresive musical performance. After introducing jazz music to piano students ranging from grades 6 to 12, I decided to write out songs in a way that would give students at all levels access to so many jazz secrets: how to voice chords, what rhythms to comp, how to phrase melodies, when to improvise, what dynamics and articulations to play etc.

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If you need a custom arrangement or mp3 practice track just visit our contact page.

Pianist playing jazz standards and improvising
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